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October to November

Written by Anna Paterson


The year is fast coming to an end, but we still have plenty to give!

We have been busy preparing for an event in early December, where we will be able to gift some special women in South Auckland some beautiful clothes, and help them to feel special at this time of year. 

We did our first market! ASB (who did a wonderful write up on us recently) invited us to their corporate Christmas Marketplace, alongside some other wonderful giving businesses. It was so great being able to share Everlasting's story, and take along some of our beautiful items of clothing! ASB also donated an amazing collection of clothing from their staff, which we are so thankful for!

We were also featured in the latest copy of Next Magazine, which was another amazing opportunity to share our story. And we did an interview with Star Radio. These opportunities always encourage people to donate, which means we can keep on giving! 

One really special way we were recently able to give was to a mother I met at a local coffee shop. As we got chatting she shared how she stays awake at night as a single mum, wondering how she will afford the device, the uniform, the stationary, the fees... This is a feeling that is all to familiar to many of us. Thanks to YOU I was able to pop in the next day to give her a hug and pop a Pressy Card into her hand and tell her WE SEE YOU. I dream of the day we can do this to hundreds. 

Everlasting charity

We were also gifted some beautiful makeup from Just Because Pamper Packs, who are a charitable trust that sends out pamper packs to women throughout NZ who are in need of some joy. These items were surplus to their needs and were greatly appreciated by the ladies who came to our October sale.

Mangawhau Primary gifted us some amazing clothing that was leftover from their school fair - which we were so grateful to receive before our last sale.

This helped us to style and gift some beautiful items to the phenomenal Anita from I Got Your Back Pack for the Westfield Auckland "Local Heroes Awards" in October. It was so lovely to honour her as she gives SO much by sending backpacks for women/men/children that find themselves in Refuge Shelters throughout NZ, so they have hygiene items, treats and a reminder they are loved. 

As always, we continue to support Hospice and Women's Refuge with excess donated clothing that we receive, which is a really special thing for us to do. 

And tomorrow we open our doors! Wednesday 27th, Thursday 28th and Friday 29th we are open at 849 New North Rd, Mt Albert, Auckland from 10am till 1pm. All items $5 (children's and accessories $2). These monthly sales are only possible through your generous donations, which in turn enables us to gift other organisations and special people we meet. So THANK YOU!

Anna X




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