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2020-21 update

Written by Anna Paterson


A year ago we were in Level 4 lockdown ... words which at the start of 2020 had never been part of our vocabulary nor understanding and yet now we all know the expectations of each level and live our lives accordingly. I am sure as we all reflect on this last year we can think of many highs and lows that came out of the uncertainty of the last year.

A huge one is the impact on workplaces ... and charities are not excluded in this. We are so thankful for the continued support we have been shown through your donations and your purchases.

Our mandate has always been to support women and families in need throughout NZ. We achieve this by offering clothing at intentional low prices, gifting women clothing and passing on our excess to support women and families who can directly benefit and offering financial assistance to individuals and other Charities.

Our commitment to helping is stronger than ever as we are constantly hearing of needs, meeting women who need to be reminded they matter, have value and are allowed to feel good on what they wear.

Here’s some of what we have achieved over the last year...

Saved 1000s of clothes from Landfill. 

Every week we take clothes to Women’s Rufuge. 

Supported Koha Apparel with a donation towards them getting a van. Also making sure we can support with any excess which will benefit them and those they serve.

Christmas financial giving - 10 families were selected and given vouchers to help with food and gifts.

12 days of Christmas giving to women who support Everlasting. Vouchers, gifts, free shipping and treats.

Clothing packages sent to individuals who have been identified to us in need. 

Women bought into Everlasting to be styled, gifted clothes and given treats as well as a little reminder of how loved they are.

Vouchers gifted to individuals who can’t come into the sale to purchase items online.

Speaking at Sustainability Event put
on by Green Business HQ. 

Joined CommUnity. 

Spoke for International Women’s Day at Dempsey Wood. 

Our donations continue to amaze us - we are so thankful for the quality we receive and absolutely love seeing the faces of women who get the chance to re love these pieces of joy they might of not prior had the chance to.

We appreciate all of you for the part you play in Everlasting.

Anna x



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