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2018 - Giving January to May

Written by Anna Paterson


Here are some early 2018 giving stories of how the Everlasting community have supported and valued Women and their families in Aotearoa. Thank you thank you thank you thank you for being part of the kindness in the world.

Anna x

 May 2018

All this goodness from after the sale is heading to Women’s Refuge - going straight into the hands of the women who need it. X

 May 2018

Today I caught up with Ria from Feel Good PeriodThe girls running this club are students from the University of Auckland with the goal to address the stigma around menstruation through social events and give donations on to women in need.  
They donate to low decile schools, refuges and safe houses throughout New Zealand. We love what they are doing and today with the boost of some kind friends who donated as well we were able to give over 200 sanitary items that will be passed on to a local school.  
Actually heartbreaking that girls are unable to go to school for up to a week per month as these items are a luxury that many can’t afford. Please get in touch with this organisation if you feel like you can support it. X

 May 2018

Mothers Day…Mama’s...we want to honour YOU! Mother’s Day is coming up and we want to take 5 women out on Sunday 6th May to pamper, treat and indulge them. We are not going to put specifics or requirements on who is worthy of this as the reality is we all are! We want you to tag one lady you want to win this - a woman who may not normally have the ability to do this for herself. The catch is the winner(s) need to be available (kid/husband/pet free) and able to be in Auckland City between 1.30pm -5pm on Sunday 6th May. We want these women to have the complete indulgence of ‘me’ time. 
5 ladies will be picked at random and announced on 1st May with full details sent to them. 

April 2018

Was so cool to be able to help Love Kaipara with this incredible initiative they have set up. We get loads of tees that have lost there joy so it was great to think we could recycle these instead of add them to landfill. 

April 2018

A few days ago we were told about a woman who had very suddenly lost her husband two months ago. They have a 2 year old boy and she is understandably heartbroken. 
It was a privilege today to meet her, cry with her, let her know that we value her and gift her $500 to help with expenses and a few toys for her precious boy. X

March 2018

Couldn’t think of a better way to acknowledge this day than giving to a charity that is making such a beautiful difference is young women’s lives. This charity lies so close to my heart 17 year old self needed this place but it didn’t exist. 
A Girl Called Hope we are delighted to donate $3000.00 to support your great work. Thank you for your commitment to making a difference. X

March 2018

Here’s one of two trolleys that we were able pass on to a container that is being sent to Fiji to help people in need.  
We have donated an abundance of great women’s and children’s clothes and shoes as we always have excess from our sales.  
We love sharing the love. 



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