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2018 - Giving June to December

Written by Anna Paterson


WOW what a journey we've been on.  Going through all my social media posts and finding just how many people we have helped through clothing. I had to break 2018 into two as the post just kept on going and going. My heart is so full with the kindness and love that you all have and I am privileged to be the channel where I can meet with others and serve them, because of our Everlasting Community.

PS - I know some of these have pics and will try to include them where I can, forgive me if they are missing here. Anna x

December 2018

An extraordinary evening last night volunteering at the LIFE Soup Kitchen Christmas Party. Completely humbled to serve, feed and gift the 1400 attendees. X


December 2018

In honour of the season and with recognition that for some this is a not a time of great joy and abundance we have partnered with Good Thing to be able to offer 5 incredible women who are not likely to receive any gifts for Christmas. We are inviting them to come and buy themselves something beautiful, something they might not normally treat themselves to, something just for them. 
We have 5 x $200 vouchers from Good Thing to gift this Christmas. They will be gifted in voucher form so the recipient can come into the shop and enjoy the beautiful environment or shop online. 
We would love you to nominate via private message to us who you think deserves this in 50 words or less. 
Nominations close on December 11th. We will notify the recipients on December 12th. X

 November 2018

This year WE were able to donate $3000.00 to Christmas Box - that is 100 people that thanks to YOU we can feed this Christmas. Absolutely love supporting the epic work of this organisation

 October 2018

An absolute pleasure to be able to donate $2000.00 today to the new LIFE Soup Kitchen that opened in Glen Innes last week. Every Wednesday evening they open the doors and feed people. I heard their story a while ago and have been so excited to give to them - this is the third Soup Kitchen they have started in Auckland. They are breaking barriers and serving food and love to all. X

 September 2018

Over the last two days we have donated 8 large sacks of clothes from our past sales to two incredible organisations that put these clothes directly into the hands of women in need.The Aunties and Shine are doing epic things. Was an honour to be able to support them. X

September 2018

A few weeks ago I was at the Post Office and saw a lady I sort of knew - we chatted and in amongst her vulnerability she shared some massive stuff. Their family home had a massive fire earlier in the year which has meant they can’t live there and then just prior to seeing her on that day her husband had decided to leave. A few days later she messaged me about whether I was still styling and if she could pay so I could take her shopping as she lost all her clothes in the fire and has a very small wardrobe. She wasn’t asking for charity she just genuinely wanted to have some joy and confidence restored. I don’t do styling anymore - but we at Everlasting do invest in women who need us so we headed to the mall and got her some pieces of joy on us. Thanks to all of you who allow days such as this to be possible. X

September 2018

September 1st is National RAK day (Random Act of Kindness) ...we would love to gift SIX women/ families on this day who are in need of some joy and support. Whether it be clothes, power bill paid, food or petrol vouchers...whatever the need. We have six lots of $500 to give on.

To enter please like and share this post on your page and then message us the details of who you would like to nominate PRIVATELY - due to these situations being sensitive
and often not for all to know you don't need to write the details on the page. 

Winners will be notified on September 1st x

June 2018

Look at these beautiful faces and their gorgeous head teacher. Today we had the privilege of providing 20 car seats to this local kindy. A large majority of the families attending this kindy don’t have car seats and many have multiple young children. Let’s not judge this situation - let’s be thankful that because of you incredible ladies who shop the sales and donate your beautiful items that we can do these things. Also a huge thank you to Baby Factory who subsidised these car seats for us. X



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